7 Dealership Employee Theft Prevention Strategies

Worried about employee theft? Prevention techniques can be easy to employ and save you thousands — possibly millions — of dollars. Just this year, a dealership employee in Alabama was charged with first-degree employee theft after investigators discovered she had stolen more than $30,000 over a nine-month period by making several unauthorized charges. In South […]

How to Keep up with Payday Regulations So Your Dealership is Compliant

New proposed payday regulations could affect how you manage your in-house auto financing The average American family isn’t financially prepared for a large, unexpected expense. The Federal Reserve Board found that 46 percent of individuals believe that they would struggle to pay for emergency expenses of $400. If you own or work for a Buy […]

5 Auto Auction Tips for BHPH Dealers

Motivated BHPH dealers can increase and improve their used inventory by putting these essential auto auction tips into action As a Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) auto dealer, you fill an important void in the industry. For individuals who can’t just walk into a dealership and get a new car — or even a used […]

A Regulation Z Summary for Auto Dealers Providing Credit

Are you disclosing all auto loan terms to potential borrowers? Read this Regulation Z summary to make sure you’re in compliance. You’ve put a ton of work into your auto dealer advertising, and you’re proud of your well-rounded marketing campaigns. You’re utilizing both online and offline platforms, optimizing your website, hosting community events, and testing […]

How to Stay Compliant with the FTC Used Car Rule

Do you have a Buyers Guide displayed in the window of each used vehicle on your dealership lot? If you don’t, you could be breaking the FTC Used Car Rule. Do you sell more than five used vehicles in a 12-month period? If so, there’s an important compliance rule you’ve hopefully been following — if […]

5 Dealership Hiring Practices That Are Bad for Business

In your auto dealership, hiring the right people should always be a top priority You’ve spent a ton of money on advertising, getting the best inventory, and upgrading your dealership’s interior design. These are all things you thought would bring your business to the next level — so why does it feel like you’re just […]

How the Magnuson Moss Act Affects Your Dealership Warranties

You need to know your obligations to the consumer and when you must honor their warranty in your auto dealership. Working in an auto dealership, you’ve hopefully already done your homework when it comes to the Magnuson Moss Act — informally known as the Federal Lemon Law. The purpose of the Act is to ensure […]

5 Tips for Updating Your Auto Dealer Website Design to Attract More Customers

Is your auto dealer website design stuck in the 90s? Even some small design tweaks can bring major positive changes to your bottom line 10 years ago, buyers visited an average of five dealerships while car shopping. Now, they only drop in at 1.6 auto dealerships because they do most of their research and shopping […]

12 Auto Sales Promotions to Boost Revenue Every Month of the Year

A continuous cycle of inventive auto sales promotions will help keep you top-of-mind in your community. Coming up with fresh, effective auto sales promotions can be a pain. You know the promotions will bring eager customers into your dealership, but thinking up creative ideas may not be your strong suit. One of the easiest ways […]