5 Email Marketing Tips for Dealers

Email marketing is a smart way for independent auto dealers to attract, retain, and grow loyal customer bases. Dealerships with strong email marketing strategies have proven success in boosting sales, generating new leads, increasing their website traffic, and building customer loyalty. Are you doing everything you can to make sure that your emails are opened, […]

The Source

Every up sheet should have a source. This tells you how the lead originated, is helpful for reports, and provides background information on your customer. E-leads will come in with their source named, which is great because then you know this customer is an internet shopper, and you hopefully have an email address to keep […]

Personalizing Your Contacts

AutoRaptor CRM updated how users work with contacts not too long ago. Any new up sheet or additional contact added to an up sheet begins with typing in just the name and a phone number or email address. Then, AutoRaptor searches for matches before you enter more information, so you do not create duplicate contacts. […]