How to Navigate Automotive Lead Generation Throughout the Pandemic

COVID-19 has upended the world as we know it. A big part of moving forward is rethinking your automotive lead generation strategy. 2020 was a heck of a year, but the future is looking optimistic. Vaccines have made it to the public faster than ever, there is promise in the job market, and a disastrous […]

6 Creative Ways to Increase Car Sales with Existing Customers

There are more ways to increase car sales than developing new leads, and reconnecting with existing customers is a great place to start. If you’re like most salespeople, you probably spend a lot of time building relationships with new prospects. While that’s a great and necessary strategy, remember that there are other ways to increase […]

Auto Dealership Marketing: A BDC Manager’s Guide to Sales During COVID-19

The pandemic has changed the auto industry as we know it. That means it’s time for a new approach to auto dealership marketing to generate more sales. When COVID-19 first hit, it took most businesses a few months to figure out how to stay successful during nationwide shut-downs and economic upheaval. As the summer wore […]

How to Write a Follow-up Email That Car Buyers Won’t Ignore

One of the most fundamental skills an auto salesperson can acquire is knowing how to write a follow-up email that clients won’t ignore. Car dealers can expect that clients will overlook a portion of all the emails they send. Still, if the number of replies decreases consistently, then it’s time to sharpen your communication skills […]

Running a Soft Credit Check at Your Dealership Can Improve Leads

Help your customers find the cars they need that also fit with their financial circumstances by performing a soft credit check before they’ve even given financing a thought. Customers often come into a pre-owned car dealership without much of an idea as to whether or not they’ll qualify for financing, or if they do, how […]

AutoRaptor Customer Success Story with Jon Higgins from Carmix Auto Sales

From better lead management to measuring success, a satisfied AutoRaptor customer shares how AutoRaptor’s automotive CRM has positively impacted his dealership. Located in Shavertown, Pennsylvania, just between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, Carmix Auto Sales offers some of the best used cars in the area, backed by 25 years of industry experience and plenty of favorable reviews from happy […]

6 Must-Know Auto Inventory Management Tips

Proactive auto inventory management is essential for used car dealers. Enact these simple tips to ensure you have what your customers are looking for. Managing inventory at a previously-owned car dealership has always been tricky. You never know what might show up on your lot or at auction on any given day. Having the right […]

AutoRaptor Success Story with Chad Randash of Randash Auto Center

Today, we’ll hear from another happy AutoRaptor customer who explains how our automotive CRM has helped his business grow their revenue and survive the pandemic. Chad Randash started Randash Auto Center in Bozeman 2007 to help customers find vehicles that fit their individual circumstances and needs with affordable monthly payments to suit any budget and provide […]

Automotive Phone Training Tips You Can Teach Your Sales Team Today

In today’s digital world, many businesses overlook the importance of automotive phone training. Here are some ways that using the phone can still help to grow your revenue. It’s easy to think that people don’t use the phone very much these days. With texting and social media messages acting as the medium for a lot […]

How Automation Can Help Dealerships Sell More Cars

AutoRaptor’s understanding of car sales, combined with decades of experience has helped us create the ultimate dealer CRM Sales Assistant. Instead of searching through piles of messy papers, our dealer CRM tools can help sales reps quickly filter, search, and sort every customer and vehicle in their inventory from a desktop computer or mobile device. […]