6 New Auto Dealership Email Marketing Features in AutoRaptor Dealership CRM

Looking for better auto dealership email marketing features? Look no further! AutoRaptor has you covered. In addition to the fantastic marketing capabilities already offered by AutoRaptor, we’re excited to announce some new auto dealership email marketing features you’ll find on our platform! Developed based on feedback from our dealers, we put together a very easy-to-use […]

How to Prepare for the Electric Car Market in Used Car Sales

It’s been a long time coming. The electric car market is finally here, but the cars won’t sell themselves. After years of waiting, the electric car market has started to make its mark on the world. Most recently, the United States set a goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050—something that would require the complete end […]

5 Smart Sales Manager Strategies for Coping With Disorganized Staff

Even the best salesperson can fall short of targets if they’re not organized. If you’re a sales manager, strategies for helping disorganization are crucial to employee success and retention. Handling disorganized staff can be a significant hurdle to overcome as a sales manager. Strategies to address disorganization, however, can help a struggling employee become successful. […]

How to Stop Online Car Retailers From Putting Your Dealership Out of Business

The pandemic elicited an exponential rise in the use of online car retailers. Here’s how you can keep up and protect your business. The days of brick and mortar establishments began to dwindle years ago, but the used car industry always seemed safe since buying a car is such a big decision and preferably involves […]

How to Keep Closing Car Deals During COVID-19

The pandemic has slowed the world down, but interest in used cars remains high. If you’re struggling during COVID-19, here are some tips to get you back on track to closing car deals. Look back to early 2020, and most businesses had no idea how or even if they’d survive the onslaught of the COVID-19 […]

7 Ways to Attract Used Car Sales Leads Over the Phone

Using the phone to bring in more car sales leads has enjoyed a resurgence in the virtual world left behind by the pandemic. Here are seven tips on how to get the most out of telephone lead generation. There was a time when selling cars was pretty straightforward. Someone would walk onto the lot; you’d […]

How to Ensure Red Flags Rule Compliance in Your Business Office

Protect your customers and your business by adhering to the Red Flags Rule. Here’s how to stay compliant. Identity theft. It’s one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in, mainly because there are so many unknowns. It’s also an unfortunate part of the world we live in, and businesses bear a significant […]

Car Sales Training: 11 Ways to Help Newbies Sell More Cars

Inexperience doesn’t have to mean meager success. With the right car sales training, even your newest reps can make it to the leaderboard. As with most professions, there’s often a vast divide between the things car sales training teaches a new rep and the things they actually need on the job to be competitive, let […]

AutoRaptor Customer Success Story with Sarah Graf from EZ Loan Auto Sales

One of Western New York’s top automotive marketing professionals explains why a dealership CRM is so critical to business today—and why you should choose AutoRaptor. Tucked away in Western New York State, EZ Loan Auto Sales, the state’s largest Buy Here Pay Here dealership, has helped thousands of customers find the perfect vehicles over the last […]