Every GM wants to increase sales, but how do you influence real change? Give your salespeople the right tool—dealership software just for them! 



Managing a car dealership requires you to wear many different hats. You have to keep a watchful eye on each department, oversee marketing efforts, and keep everything rolling. But every seasoned manager knows that a well-oiled dealership starts from the ground up, particularly in the sales aspect.

Effective management is more than keeping salespeople accountable; it’s about giving them the tools they need to succeed. In today’s digitally-driven world, it’s modern dealership software that makes or breaks your operation.

Here at AutoRaptor, we’ve taken every step to create an intuitive, user-friendly tool for your salespeople. We help dealerships meet their goals and streamline workflows.

10 ways our dealership software transforms your sales team into a top-notch organization 

  1. Delegate leads and tasks all in one place 

One of the primary benefits of using our dealership software is the easy, user-friendly way your sales team tackles lead management. Managers delegate leads to their salespeople directly through the software, letting individuals know what their next steps are in the sale. Lead assigning works in three different ways:


  • Managers assign leads to salespeople manually.
  • Salespeople claim leads in the pipeline.
  • The software automatically assigns leads in a round-robin fashion.


  1. Say hello to “up sheets” 

There’s a reason why we call AutoRaptor “dealership software” – it’s because each feature enhances the dealership sales process. Customer information filed within the system is easily accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Each “up sheet” can be filtered to target specific groups, and informs salespeople (and the system) with the important info needed to continue the sales process.

  • Customizable customer information
  • Safe and secure files
  • Accessible from mobile phones anywhere, any time
  1. Weaponize your mobile phone 

What’s the point of having a software tool if you can’t access it when you need it? We’ve made it possible for your salespeople to use all of the features on their phones, plus a few extra features to add to their customer service efforts.

  • Scan license numbers using the mobile application to instantly create new up sheets.
  • Scan VIN numbers to pull up vehicle information on the spot.
  • Access all of the software features when you need to.
  1. Custom-made daily action plans 

Your sales team use our dealership software to organize themselves and complete tasks effectively. They can set custom-made action plans for every lead, and then AutoRaptor will automatically send reminders.

For instance, when a new e-lead is assigned to a salesperson, the software reminds your salesperson to make the initial phone call. After the sale is made, the software sets tasks for delivery.

  • Customizable workflows for individuals
  • Action steps for each point in the sales process
  • Automatic reminders for task completion
  1. Track your sales performance 

On the back-end of your dealership, you can view and gain insights on overall performance. AutoRaptor creates in-depth reports for general managers looking to forecast their sales goals and make informed decisions.

  • View sales reports by week, month, and year.
  • Filter up sheets to view sales individually or by specific groups.
  • Set informed goals and clearly see where improvements need to be made.
  1. Keep tabs on your salespeople 

You don’t want to spend time tracking down your salespeople and mico-managing them. With our dealership software, you can view indiviual reports to see who is perfoming and who isn’t. You and your managers can view daily tasks in real time, seeing where salespeople are following up or falling short.

  • Individual sales reports by week, month, year
  • Real-time viewing of assignment completion
  • See important tasks, appointments, and dates
  1. Email marketing? No problem 

Managers have more of a streamlined ability to create email campaigns and spread the word about new promotions. Up sheets can be filtered into detailed groups, allowing for accurate targeting.

  • Email templates for faster creation
  • Schedule and auto send email blasts
  • See who opened and viewed emails
  1. Intuitive workflow reminders 

After your salespeople create action plans, AutoRaptor will automatically remind them about important tasks to complete each day. Follow-up reminders link directly to the customer’s up sheet information, making points in the sales process easy to track and attack.

  • Follow-up reminders and tasks organized in one place
  • Check off tasks after completion
  • Write notes within up sheets
  1. Insights for lead source performance 

Can you accurately determine which lead sources are best for your dealership? With AutoRaptor’s dealership software, you can view lead source reports to see where your marketing dollars should be aimed.

  • Snapshot views of each lead source
  • See which source converts into sales
  • Allocate marketing dollars effectively
  1. In-app texting and calls at no extra charge

Staying in contact with leads, customers, and past clients is a complicated process for salespeople. Instead of working from their phones and emails, all of their communication efforts are kept within the software. Plus, there are no additional carrier charges for text messages and phone calls.

  • Text, email, and make phone calls directly from AutoRaptor.
  • Organize communication efforts with ease.
  • Jot down notes within the app after each phone call.

Give your sales the right tool: dealership software makes you more money with less work! 

At the end of the day, AutoRaptor’s purpose is to help car dealers streamline and improve their sales performance. General managers use it to keep tabs on their teams; salespeople use it to better manage their workflow. Each feature is made with the unqiue processes of a car dealership in mind. With the right tools, you’ll be in a position to work more efficiently and boost your bottomline at the same time.


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