The Top 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Referrals

And How to Fix It!

Did you know that some BHPH dealers get as much as 50% of their sales from referrals and repeat business? Compared to what you spend to generate a new customer, getting more referrals and repeat business is a tremendous value to your dealership.

Are you 5-reasons-bhph-referrals-ebook-cover.v1b-07doing all that you can to get more referrals and boost loyalty with your existing customers?  Here are the top five ways you are losing out on referrals… and how to fix it!

Written by Howard Leavitt – a former car dealer with over 30 years of industry experience – you’ll learn:

  • Where to Find More Referrals
  • How to Ask for Referrals
  • Ideas for Referral Incentives