Lead Management

Manage all your e-leads in one place with simple tools for lead assignment, task scheduling, and email.

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Customized Action Plans

Automated task scheduling and customer follow-up reminders take you step by step to win the deal.

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Mobile App

Work deals anytime, anywhere with mobile apps for your smartphone, tablet, or any web-enabled device.

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Daily work plans

A dashboard view of scheduled appointments and task checklists to guide your sales team through their daily workflow.

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Follow Up

Never miss opportunities to reach out to your customers on birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates. Yearly reminders for recurring important dates with easy access to your customers’ history makes long-term follow up simple.

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Email Campaigns

Create and send targeted marketing messages quickly and easily.

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One-click dialing and call logging keeps customer communication at your fingertips.

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Sales Reporting

Monitor sales performance and learn which lead sources are the most valuable.

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Powerful Simple Fast Value


Integration with your DMS, vehicle history report provider, and inventory feeds puts all your tools in one place to make your job easier.


Easy to use, clean interface makes finding your customer or inventory information fast and easy.


One-on-one training and top-notch customer support is available to all our customers to get you up and running fast.


AutoRaptor is affordable for any size dealership, and users get a 10% to 20% increase in their sales! See how much dealerships like yours can profit with AutoRaptor.