New Year's Resolutions

Published 01/02/2013

The most common New Year's resolutions involve dieting and losing weight. At AutoRaptor CRM, we do not feel the need to diet (our application is already trim - meaning simple and easy to use), but that doesn't mean we won't be exercising.

Our exercise will include the work we do to train and support our customers as well as making improvements to our application. AutoRaptor is always looking for ways we can streamline the CRM process for our end-users. We are also continually trying to improve our training process in order to educate users to effectively work with our CRM. Does your CRM offer unlimited free support? We do.

Our resolution suggestion for dealerships is to exercise more by taking the time and effort to find the right CRM for your dealership, and ensure that your salespeople are using it. This takes work on the part of management. Let us show you how to improve sales by properly managing your sales staff's use of a CRM.

What other resolutions do you have? Let me guess - diet and lose weight. :)

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